Abdominal Roller

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A wide variety of crunches can definitely help tighten up your midsection, but what happens when you want to step your game up? Feel the burn in your abdominals and strengthen the rest of your body with the Abdominal Ab Roller. This easy-to-use wheel accommodates active lifestyle enthusiasts of all strength levels. It features a thickened wheel for stability, and molded handles to give you a secure grip as you push and pull during your workout. Its compact, portable size makes this toning wheel perfect for home, office, and travel.

1. Double wheel for smooth functionality and balance, added stability
2. Strong sturdy design for the gym or home use to strengthen and tone abs, shoulder, arms, back, and upper body development
3. Comfortable non-slip Foam grips for stability control
Intelligent brakes, automatic rebound, multi-angle exercise
4. Jian abdominal wheel: no bearing space steel pipe, Handle points left and right-hand design, easy to exercise when the force, comfortable grip
5. Multi-angle sliding exercise, so that the waist of the chest muscles get more stretch
Rubber roller wide tire friction strong, quiet design, fitness effect did not


  • Product Name: Exercise abs rebound roller
  • Product material: PVC & metal
  • Product color: Red
  • Product size: 9cmx20cmx37cm
  • Product weight:1.45kg


Package Contains:
1x Exercise abs rebound roller
2x With a mat
1x Instructions

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